Read before posting your application!!

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Read before posting your application!!

Post  Markitos on Mon Mar 24, 2008 10:15 pm


Before anything, you must get Xfire
(Don't know what it is? It's basically gamers MSN; You can see what your friends are playing, talk to them ingame etc. Download from here).

Post an application and paste and fill the following guidelines, if you don't, your application will be ignored and deleted.
Once you post your application, admins will revise it, and discuss it. Check often to see any replies.
Where are you from:
Languages you can speak/type:
Xfire username:
Got Teamspeak/Ventrillo/Skype:
Have you been in other clans:
How can you help RedX:
Time you spend on MTA Weekly:
Anything else(Optional):

Thanks for your colaboration and good luck!


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